I can’t claim to be one of those photographers that have been carrying a camera since they were 5.  I also can’t say I went to school for photography… because I didn’t.  I do, however, love taking pictures.  I consider myself extremely fortunate that I am able to spend time doing what I love.

While I specialize in photographing the craft beer culture here in Denver, I also love shooting events, portraits, landscapes, and sports.  I’m constantly striving to grow in my craft by branching out and discovering new things.  I’m always open to a challenge, so if there is anything you would like me to shoot please feel free to email me.

I also spend time as a writer/photographer for Denver off the Wagon, a website dedicated to craft beer/alcohol news and events in Denver, Colorado.  They’ve allowed me to combine my love for craft beer and photography with a great group of writers.  Thus, it’s not uncommon to find me spending my weekends touring Colorado breweries or attending craft beer events.

Regardless of how you got here, take a minute to look around.  After all, these images are here for you.  I hope you like them!



Grand Prize – Trails of Freedom 2011 Summer Photo Contest for ‘Solitude’

This shot was taken in the ghost-town of Apex, Colorado on January 31, 2011.  The Rockies got dumped on this past winter (there was at least 6 inches of snow the day this photo was taken), creating some beautiful landscapes.  There are few buildings remaining in Apex, with this barn being one of them.  I felt that black and white really captured the contrast of the scenery.  I was inspired to travel up to this small town by one of my patients, Claude, who told me this was one of his favorite places to take pictures.




2nd Place – Oskar Blues Brewery’s “The Art of the Ride” Photo Contest for ‘Mountain Silhouette’









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